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Fund more mortgages with CWT’s self-directed mortgage options

Canadian Western Trust offers mortgage funding solutions for those looking to turn their registered funds into a mortgage funding investment. An individual can lend money from their registered account to help fund one of our flexible Arm’s Length or Non-Arm’s Length Mortgage plans. With various mortgage investing options, we provide you with a plan that is tailored to suit your needs.


Our accounts can hold more than just registered funds and CWB GICs; they can house a house!

Typically, Arm’s Length and Non-Arm's Length Mortgages involve an individual lending money from their registered account (e.g., RRSP) to fund another individual’s mortgage. The borrower then makes mortgage payments to the lender’s account in the form of principal and interest. Through a Non-Arm’s Length Mortgage, a person even has the ability to fund their own mortgage from their registered account as a co-borrower.

These two types of mortgage investments can be held in any type of registered account, including a TFSA. However, holding a mortgage in a locked-in plan (LIRA/LIF) may only be held where not prohibited by applicable pension benefits legislation. 

Can other types of assets be held in a CWT account?

Absolutely! CWT self-directed accounts allow you to consolidate different investments into one single account. In addition to Arm's Length and Non-Arm's Length Mortgages, your CWT self-directed account can also hold cash, GICs, and stocks and bonds*.

This means that if you already have an RRSP(s)/RRIF(s)/TFSA(s) at another financial institution, you can easily transfer the plan(s) to CWT and consolidate all your investments into one account.

*Held through a Delivery Against Payment (DAP) account with CWT's partner, Qtrade.

An Arm's Length Mortgage is between two unrelated parties. Often the lender and the borrower have never met and are introduced through a mortgage broker. Arm's Length Mortgages are applicable for both purchases and refinances.

* Please refer to the CWT Arm's Length Mortgage Package for full terms & conditions.

A Non-Arm's Length Mortgage is where you lend money from your registered plans (like your RRSP or TFSA), or locked-in plans (like your LIRA or LIF) to yourself as an individual or as a co-borrower with someone who is related by blood or marriage*, such as a child, spouse or grandparent**. Non-Arm's Length Mortgages are only applicable for purchases, and are not applicable for mortgage refinances. 

* Please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency for the formal definition of related persons.  See for more information.

** Please refer to the CWT Non-Arm's Length Mortgage Package for full terms & conditions.  Using funds from a locked-in plan in a non-arm's length mortgage is not permitted for plans registered in Manitoba and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Setting up the account

You will need to open one of the following accounts:

Account type Required forms Need help? Additional requirements
RRSP/RRIF CWT Self-Directed Registered Account Application Help Guide A locking-in agreement is required for all locked-in accounts. 
TFSA CWT TFSA Application Help Guide Please enclose a legible copy of a government issued photo ID (see Part 5 of the TFSA Application Form for more details).


Please note: The "Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement" portion of the New Account Application Form or the TFSA Application Form has to be completed prior to submission if there is no securities dealer appointed to the account, or if non-marketable securities are the only assets being held within the plan.

Funding the account

You will need to have sufficient funds in the account to cover the purchase amount and any applicable processing fees. If funds are not available, you may do one of the following:

  • Make a new contribution into your CWT RRSP or TFSA by sending a cheque to our office (please indicate "contribution" on the cheque)
  • Transfer funds from an existing registered account or TFSA at another institution to the CWT account.

More information:

Setting up the mortgage

Please select the mortgage package for your account:

Arm's Length  Non-Arm's Length
Complete the CWT Arm's Length Mortgage Package  Complete the CWT Non-Arm's Length Mortgage Package


Please note CWT will accept the appraisal conducted by an appraiser with either the AACI (Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute) or the CRA (Canadian Residential Appraiser) designation.

You need Adobe Reader to read and complete these forms online. To get a free copy of Adobe Reader, visit the Adobe website at Original forms are no longer required to process new account applications or transactions; we accept completed scanned or faxed copies of any form.