Canadian Western Trust

Full Service Registered Account

The ideal solution to consolidate all eligible investments in one registered account

We offer registered account options for holding all eligible investments including cash, GICs, stocks and bonds.

Our full service self-directed account allows investors to hold a wide range of investments in one consolidated account. If you are an independent financial advisor, this is our standard platform for you to manage your client's entire portfolio.
  • A complete offering of account types including RRSP, RRIF, RLSP, RLIF, LRIF, LIRA, LRSP, LIF, PRIF, spousal RRSP and spousal RRIF
  • A full range of allowable investments including cash, GICs, publicly-traded securities (i.e., stocks and bonds) and mortgage investments (i.e., arm’s length mortgages and non-arm’s length mortgages)
  • Consolidation of all eligible investments in one account
  • Streamlined RRIF payments
  • Quarterly statement reporting
  • Comprehensive account inquiry through our online service CWeb
  • A very competitive fee schedule

Opening a full service account:

Transferring funds to a full service account:


Looking for true consolidation that gives the ability to hold many investments within one account?