Canadian Western Trust

Introductory Account

Cost-effective and convenient registered accounts

Our Introductory Account provides you a cost-effective solution for accounts holding cash and FundSERV Mutual Funds. The account offers:

  • A platform with a reduced annual administration fee designed for clients who only hold cash and FundSERV eligible mutual funds in their CWT accounts.
  • A complete selection of accounts types and all the other benefits of a CWT full service account.
The Introductory Account allows investors to hold cash and FundSERV eligible mutual funds in one consolidated account. This is ideal if you are an independent financial advisors looking to manage a basic portfolio at a substantially reduced annual administration fee.
  • A complete offering of account types including RRSP, RRIF, RLSP, RLIF, LRIF, LIFA, LRSP, LIF, PRIF, spousal RRSP and spousal RRIF
  • Lowest annual administration fee
  • Cash and FundSERV eligible mutual funds only 
  • Unlimited free FundSERV trades
  • Consolidation of all eligible investments in one account
  • Streamlined RRIF payments
  • Comprehensive account inquiry through our online service CWeb
  • Annual hard copy statement

Opening an Introductory Account:


Transferring assets to an Introductory Account:


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