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Advisor in Transition

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Advisor in Transition

Our Advisor in Transition (AIT) program is intended exclusively to assist independent financial advisors when transferring accounts in bulk from an existing intermediary to CWT.

Our AIT program is a popular service with advisors who are looking to move their book of business to CWT. This program has many benefits:

Minimizes cost to the client

We will help with exit fees charged by the relinquishing institution for each self-directed RRSP up to the amount of CWT’s annual trustee fee for the account.

Alleviates administrative burden to the advisor and dealership

We will help with populating the required forms to open your client’s account and transfer their assets to CWT.

Expedites transfer process

A dedicated team of experienced CWT professionals, including our Client Service Team, will collectively oversee the transfer of the accounts to ensure it is as smooth and swift as possible.

When are the trustee fees due?

CWT’s annual trustee fees are charged, in arrears, on the anniversary date of the plan opening. Additional fees may apply, such as GIC re-registration fees or mortgage holding fees, which will remain the responsibility of the client.

Can a client transfer and transact marketable securities in a self-directed RRSP account?

Yes, in our Full Service Registered Account, clients can transfer RRSP eligible investments (Introductory Accounts excluded). For example, the client can maintain and transact publically traded securities in a full service CWT account through our partnership with Qtrade. The client can open a Qtrade DAP (Delivery Against Payment) account to facilitate trading activity for public securities.

How many accounts do I need to transfer in order to participate in this program?

The AIT program is available to independent financial advisors who transfer a minimum of ten Full Service Registered Accounts (self-directed RRSP) or 75 Introductory Accounts to CWT.

Contact a CWT Business Development Officer in your region to get started on your Advisor in Transition program.


Are you in transition? Our program can help you move your book of business to CWT