Unexpected changes to your custody arrangement?

Choose the custodian that puts client service first.

Discover how your business can benefit from CWB Trust Services' niche expertise.

With over $13 billion in assets under administration and nearly 30 years of expertise helping small and medium-sized pension plans and asset pools navigate the complexities of asset custody, CWB Trust Services is proud to be one of Canada’s leading custodians.

Thinking of changing custodians? Consider this.

Is your pension custody solution optimized for your plan’s size and profile?

Many institutions offer a one-size-fits-all approach to providing all approach to providing pension and asset custody. At CWB Trust Services, our niche expertise is servicing small and medium-sized pension plans and asset pools. Our entire organization is structured to efficiently service plans of this size. For us, it’s a niche we’re proud of, and a niche we’re known for servicing efficiently. For you, it means partnering with a custodian that’s optimized to meet your needs.

Can your custodian offer competitive fees while delivering uniquely personalized service?

With CWB Trust Services, our efficient size and dedicated focus on our niche segments allow us to offer competitive fees and efficiency-driven pricing. By fostering personal relationships with each of our client stakeholders and understanding your unique needs, we provide service at cost that matches your size. What’s more, when you have a question or an issue, an individual you're familiar with by name who personally knows the details of your specific plan is directly available to help.

Is custody your custodian's core focus?

At CWB Trust Services, providing trustee and custodian services is all we do. Our management and service staff alike are some of the most knowledgeable custody administrators in Canada. Plus, with nearly 30 years of experience administering over $13 billion in assets, we truly provide service you can trust.

Small and medium-sized pension plans have unique needs. Discover how CWB Trust Services can help you optimize your custody service.