Registered Plan Trust

Delivering value and service in registered plan trustee services

A proven record of registered plan expertise

As experts in registered plan legislative and regulatory matters, Canadian Western Trust acts as trustee for 1.6 million registered plan accounts with total assets exceeding $54 billion. With decades of experience offering registered plan trustee services to investment firms, mutual fund dealers, and mutual fund companies across Canada, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader in today’s ever-changing financial services environment. Our Service You Can Trust® philosophy is centered on providing clients a rapid response, strong attention to detail, and a flexible, solution-oriented approach.

Personalized, relationship-driven solutions

CWT believes that every client deserves a skilled Operations and Relationship Management team to ensure that their account operates as efficiently as possible. We offer:

  • A Relationship Management team dedicated to providing smooth on-boarding and support at the relationship-level
  • An Operations team dedicated to providing expert day-to-day support to your firm
  • 24/7 access to robust reporting via our online portal
Value added services

More than simply a trust solution, CWT provides a number of unique value added services, including:

  • Reference manual – CWT was the first to provide a comprehensive Self-Directed Registered Products Manual to all registered plan trust clients as a reference, continually updating and enhancing it as regulatory and legislative changes dictate.
  • Locked-in reference guide – With 10 different pension regulators, we recognize that locked-in plans are often a challenging area for our registered plan trust clients. To assist, CWT created and maintains a Locked-in Reference Guide providing links to the regulators’ most common provisions, forms, and statute reference points.
    Legislative updates – CWT monitors legislative and regulatory changes that affect registered plans. We proactively communicate relevant information to key contacts at your firm.
  • Annual reviews – CWT performs an annual review of our clients’ registered account procedures and documentation, and will offer additional supportive training if required.
Simple, straightforward, and cost-efficient transfers

CWT has considerable experience transitioning clients from other trust companies. When it comes to moving your registered plan trustee service to CWT, our goal is to make the transfer as smooth as possible, assisting with updating applications and declarations of trust, and providing ongoing operational assistance along the way.