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Requirements checklist

When applying for a CWB Trust Services Arm's Length Mortgage, the following documents must be submit altogether via email to: [email protected] by the lawyer for review prior to funding. 

1. Arm's Length Mortgage Investment Agreement  □
 2. Solicitors Certificate of Disclosure and Undertaking  □
 3. An appraisal of the property no more than 12 months old, issued by a licensed real estate appraiser holding a designation under AACI (Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute) or CRA (Canadian Residential Appraiser), or a property tax assessment for the current year. Find an appraiser here.

The appraisal must be prepared for either the Borrower or CWB Trust Services.
 4. Request for Funds Letter (i.e. details of the funding date and dollar amount to be advanced to the borrower, mortgage position, property address and any other deductions).  □
 5. Confirmation from your lawyer of the total mortgage charges including all prior encumbrances via statements or payout statements issues no later than 3 months from the funding date.
 6. If the borrower is a corporation, a corporate search showing the directors/officers of the corporate or a corporate or a corporate incumbency certificate.  □
 7. A draft copy of the mortgage (or transfer or assignment) at time of funding.  □
 8. Arm's Length Mortgage Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement with a void cheque from the borrower attached (can be sent after funding).  □
 9. Evidence of insurance coverage on property (can be sent after funding).  □

 10. Signed Declaration of Trust* (signed by Planholder/Lender).

*Mortgages in British Columbia only.

RIF Declaration of Trust

RSP Declaration of Trust 

TFSA Declaration of Trust 

1. Cheque is being picked up by courier that has been arranged and paid for by the lawyer; or
2. Lawyer provides CWBTS with their courier account details at time of funding, and CWBTS will prepare the waybill for the courier pick up on behalf of the lawyer; or 
3. Cheque is being picked up by courier that has been arranged and paid for by the lawyer to be deposited into the lawyer’s trust account.  CWBTS requires a copy of a void cheque for the Lawyer’s Trust Account; or
4. If lawyer has account with CWBTS; then CWBTS requires all the account details at time of funding and CWBTS will arrange to have the cheque deposited.