Mortgage Brokers

Are you a mortgage broker specializing in deals requiring private investment or alternative sources of funding? With CWT's Arm's Length Mortgages, you can access funds in a registered plan to fund more deals.


How it works

Turn registered funds into mortgage funding solutions

With CWT’s Arm’s Length Mortgages, mortgage brokers can turn registered funds into mortgage funding solutions. Through CWT, an individual lends money from their registered plan (e.g. RRSP, RIF, TFSA*, LIRA, LIF) to fund an unrelated individual’s mortgage.

Application to funding in five easy steps
  1. The lender opens a CWT self-directed registered account (e.g. RRSP, TFSA*, RRIF) and funds the account.
  2. The lender sends completed copies of CWT’s Investing in an Arm’s Length Mortgage and Instruction to Solicitor forms to their lawyer to detail the mortgage’s terms.
  3. The lender’s lawyer conducts the required investigation on the property, drafts the mortgage documents, and sends a request for funding.
  4. CWT receives the paperwork from the lender’s lawyer and issues funds to the lawyer from the lender’s registered or locked-in self-directed account.
  5. The lawyer sends CWT a final report with the registered mortgage, title certificate, insurance binder, and if required by the lender, title insurance.

How can we help?

*Deposits in Canadian Currency with a term of 5 years or less, and payable in Canada, are eligible to be insured under the CDIC Act.