Private Real Estate Investing

Access funds from an RRSP or TFSA* to privately invest in personal real estate

Create your own real estate investment opportunity

With Canadian Western Trust’s investor mortgages, individuals can turn registered funds into mortgage funding solutions. Through CWT, an individual lends money from their registered account (e.g. RRSP, RIF, TFSA*, LIRA, LIF) to fund a mortgage for themselves, for family members, or for an unrelated third party.

How can we serve you?

Individual Private Lenders

Looking for an opportunity to turn registered funds into mortgage funding solutions? With CWT's Arm's Length Mortgages, you can lend money from your registered accounts to fund an unrelated individual's mortgage.

Mortgage Brokers

Are you a mortgage broker specializing in deals requiring private investment or alternative sources of funding? With CWT's Arm's Length Mortgages, you can access funds in a registered plan to fund more deals.

Corporate Private Lenders

Is your private lending or mortgage investment firm looking for opportunities to fund more one-to-one private real estate investment deals? CWT's Arm's Length Mortgages can be a valuable addition to your firm's portfolio.

*Deposits in Canadian Currency with a term of 5 years or less, and payable in Canada, are eligible to be insured under the CDIC Act.