Forms and documentation

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Original forms are no longer required to process new account applications or transactions. We accept completed scanned or faxed copies of any form.

Custody and Corporate Trust

CGSDirect Guide and FAQs

Mortgages and Personal Trust

Fee Schedule
Account Applications

***Photo ID is required for TFSA Applications, Individual Investment Account Applications and Corporate Investment Account Applications

Mortgage Packages
Transfer Forms
CWeb access forms
Interest rates
Interest rate charged and paid on registered accounts
 Effective February 1, 2015 we will be adjusting interest paid for both Corporate & Self-Directed Plans  
 Interest paid on cash balance in individual registered accounts 0% 
 Interest paid on cash balance in corporate & group services accounts 0% 
 Overdraft interest charged 1% per month 

**Rates are subject to change without notice**

A credit or debit of $2 will not apply

CWT offers online contribution and fee payments. To view how to use this service, click here