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Registered Pension Plan (RPP)

Employer sponsored retirement savings option for company employees

Our administration services for defined benefit or defined contribution pension plans.

A registered pension plan (RPP) is one option for employers choosing a retirement plan for their employees.

RPPs are both federally and provincially registered, as described in the Income Tax Act and created by a sponsor (typically an employer or board of trustees). Contributions are made both by the plan sponsor and by the plan members (typically employees). These contributions are determined by the provisions in the plan and are generally fully deductible in the year of contribution. Plan members then receive either a defined contribution (account balance) or a defined benefit (monthly pension) at retirement.

The plan is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency by the employer’s actuary and/or a consultant.

Participation in an RPP will reduce a participant’s available registered retirement savings plan contribution room.

Our "unbundled services" strategy results in partnerships with actuaries, consultants (including independent financial advisors), investment managers and third party record-keepers. This allows us to deliver the best possible service and expertise to both the plan's sponsor and its participants. 

For RPPs, we provide these services:

  • Preparing and executing agreements
  • Overall safekeeping of plan assets
  • Accepting contributions, processing dividends, interest payments and benefit payments
  • Settling all purchases and/or redemptions of pooled and/or mutual funds and securities
  • Issuing applicable tax slips and preparing/filing annual T3P tax return
  • Preparing activity statements for the sponsor

Fees for RPPs are determined in accordance with the responsibilities outlined in the specific plans.

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