Canadian Western Trust

Share Purchase Plan

Employees investing in their own and the company’s future

CWT offers the ability to help employees put even more into their company. Our share purchase plans allow employees to invest in the company they work for.

A share purchase plan (SPP) encourages the investment in the shares of a company by the employees, using their own contributions. Sometimes, employer contributions are also made in conjunction with those made by employees. Generally, there is a limited number of shares that can be purchased — either from treasury or on the open market. 

Enrolment in this kind of program may depend on the employee's position in the company and/or length of service. Also, an employee's entitlement to the contributions made by the employer will be determined by the plan's vesting rules. This prevents these employer-paid shares from being withdrawn immediately. Membership in an SPP can motivate employees to achieve company goals and business objectives. It is also an excellent benefit to offer to existing and potential employees.

In partnership with an independent record-keeper, we provide these SPP services:

  • Preparing and executing trust agreements
  • Processing contributions (usually made by monthly payroll deduction)
  • Processing purchases and withdrawals
  • Providing group RRSP and/or individual self-directed RRSP options
  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reporting, as applicable

Fees for SPPs are determined in accordance with the responsibilities outlined in the specific plan agreements. 

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